About Us

Welcome to Ireland Me – “Exploring the Emerald Isle, One Hidden Gem at a Time!” We’re your hosts, Maebh and Seamus, an unstoppable mother-son duo with a shared passion for the breathtaking beauty, vibrant culture, and infectious craic of our Irish homeland. We’re here to peel back the layers of Ireland’s well-worn tourist trails and unearth the country’s best-kept secrets, all while sharing a hearty laugh or two along the way.

Here at Ireland Me, we’re anything but your typical tourist guide. Don’t expect a sterile checklist of must-see landmarks or an itinerary packed with overcrowded tourist traps. Instead, prepare to journey through the roads less traveled, the ones that weave their way into the heart of the Emerald Isle. We’re here to reveal the Ireland that lives beyond the glossy travel brochures, the Ireland that beats within the rhythm of our local music, brews in our tucked-away pubs, and echoes in the laughter that fills our lively streets.

Meet Maebh

Adding a Pinch of Irish Magic to Every Story She Tells!

Maebh, is an indomitable Irish mother of four who turns life into a captivating narrative as expansive as the Irish hills. A deft storyteller, she has a flair for spinning yarns that charm and amuse, often adding her own dash of delightful whimsy that makes every tale an unforgettable journey. Her deep-rooted love for Ireland, fervor for traditional music, and no-nonsense attitude, are as spellbinding as the first blush of dawn over the Cliffs of Moher.

Meet Seamus

Unleashing the Spirit of Irish Adventure One Craic at a Time!

Seamus is the spirited son and adventurous soul of the duo. His youthful energy and curiosity are as vast as the Irish sky, driving him to uncover every hidden cranny and unique story Ireland has to offer. Like his mother, Seamus has a contagious laugh and a unique ability to turn any journey into a memorable adventure.

For the Love of the Craic

Life’s too short to take too seriously, and we certainly don’t shy away from a hearty laugh, a whimsical tale, or a touch of Irish mischief. We embrace the vibrant spirit of Ireland with every step we take and every story we share. But don’t let our love for fun and frolics fool you – when it comes to our work, we mean business.

Uncovering Ireland’s hidden gems and bringing them to you with the authenticity they deserve is a mission we take to heart. We weave the love of our land, the warmth of our people, and the charm of our culture into every post, every photo, every word. Because here at Ireland Me, we believe that the true Irish experience isn’t just about seeing – it’s about feeling, laughing, exploring, and, most of all, discovering.

Together, we’re on a mission to bring the authentic Irish experience to you. From the whispers of history etched into the ancient stone circles of the Burren to the lively bustle of traditional music sessions in tucked-away Dublin pubs, we’re revealing the real Ireland – the one that only those who live here truly know.

So, get ready to venture off the beaten path, soak up the sights, sounds, and flavors of Ireland, and above all, have fun! Because that’s what Ireland Me is all about – hearty laughs, hidden treasures, and unforgettable Irish adventures. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to join us on this journey, so grab your walking shoes, warm up your laughing muscles, and let’s discover the magic of the Emerald Isle together!

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