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Borris is a delightful village nestled on the banks of the River Barrow in County Carlow, Ireland. Offering breathtaking views of Mount Leinster, the Blackstairs Mountains, and the Barrow Valley, Borris is the perfect destination for visitors seeking a tranquil and scenic retreat. Home to the historic Borris House, ancestral home of the MacMurrough Kavanaghs, this charming village boasts an array of amenities, including golf courses, pubs, and local shops.

Irish Name Origins:

Borris is known in Irish as “An Bhuiríos,” which was formerly called “Buirgheas Ó nDróna.” The name “An Bhuiríos” translates to “the fortress” or “the borough” in English. The former name, “Buirgheas Ó nDróna,” can be broken down into two parts: “Buirgheas” meaning “borough” and “Ó nDróna” referring to the O’Drone (Ó nDróna) clan, who were once the ruling family in this area.

Points of Interest:

  1. Borris House: The ancestral home of the MacMurrough Kavanaghs, Borris House is a splendid Tudor-style mansion open to groups by prior arrangement. The house hosts weddings, concerts, and the internationally acclaimed “Festival of Writing and Ideas” each summer.
  2. Borris Golf Course: One of the oldest golf courses in Ireland, Borris Golf Course offers visitors a chance to enjoy a round of golf amidst the picturesque surroundings of the village.
  3. 16-Arch Limestone Viaduct: Designed by William le Fanu in 1860, this stunning 16-arch limestone viaduct was built to carry the now-defunct Great Southern and Western Railway line.
  4. Borris Church: This Roman Catholic church stands as a testament to the village’s religious heritage and offers a peaceful space for worship and reflection.


Borris is easily accessible via the R702 regional road, making it a convenient destination for travelers exploring County Carlow and the surrounding areas.

The Three Nearest Villages:

  1. Ballymurphy: Located a short distance from Borris, Ballymurphy is a small rural village surrounded by picturesque landscapes.
  2. Rathanna: Another nearby village, Rathanna, offers visitors a glimpse into the tranquil countryside of County Carlow.
  3. Goresbridge: Situated along the River Barrow, Goresbridge is a charming village with a rich history, located a short drive from Borris.

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