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Welcome to Kildavin, a charming small village in County Carlow, Ireland, nestled at the junction of the N80 national secondary road and the R724 regional road.

Located 5 km north of Bunclody, County Wexford, at the northern end of the Blackstairs Mountains, Kildavin offers visitors a delightful retreat amidst picturesque landscapes and a thriving ecosystem.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the village and the unique fauna that inhabits the area.

Background on Irish Name Cill Damháin:

The Irish name for Kildavin, Cill Damháin, can be broken down into two parts: “Cill” translates to “church” or “cell” in English, while “Damháin” is the name of an individual, possibly a saint or a revered person.

Therefore, Cill Damháin can be understood to mean “the church or cell of Damháin.” This name reflects the village’s historical connection to religious or ecclesiastical sites, highlighting the significance of its cultural heritage.

Points of Interest:

  1. River Slaney: Visit the River Slaney at Kildavin, a site where the rare goosander bird is seen during winter, making it a perfect spot for birdwatching enthusiasts.
  2. Diverse Fauna: Keep an eye out for the increasingly rare yellowhammer songbird and the great spotted woodpecker, examples of the diverse wildlife found in Kildavin.
  3. Scenic Routes: Explore the surrounding Blackstairs Mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views and scenic routes that the region has to offer.
  4. Nearby Attractions: Venture out to nearby towns and attractions, such as Bunclody and the beautiful County Wexford, for a more extensive Irish experience.


Kildavin is easily accessible by car, with the nearest major airport, Dublin Airport, approximately 120 km away. Although accommodation options within the village may be limited, nearby towns offer various choices, from cozy bed and breakfasts to comfortable hotels.

Experience the charm, natural beauty, and rich fauna of Kildavin for an unforgettable Irish adventure.

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