Nurney – A Historic Village in the Heart of Ireland



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Nestled in the beautiful Irish countryside of County Carlow, the picturesque village of Nurney invites visitors to step back in time and explore its rich history and unique charm.

With its origins in ancient monastic settlements, Nurney boasts fascinating historic sites, stunning architecture, and a strong sense of community.

Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals as you delve into the village’s captivating past and vibrant present.

Irish name An Urnaí:

The Irish name for the village of Nurney in County Carlow is An Urnaí. This name is derived from the Irish language and has a connection to the village’s historical past. The name An Urnaí is believed to have its origins in the presence of a monastic site in the area during the 4th or 5th century.

The word “urnaí” in the Irish language translates to “prayer” in English. This name suggests that the village was once a significant religious site, where prayers and worship took place within the monastic community. The presence of historic sites such as St. John’s Church and the early high cross, Nurney Cross, further supports the idea of the village’s ancient monastic roots.

The name An Urnaí not only reflects the rich history and heritage of Nurney but also serves as a reminder of the strong connection between the Irish language and the country’s religious and cultural past.

Points of Interest:

  1. Historic Sites: Uncover Nurney’s ancient monastic roots, with notable landmarks such as the 18th-century St. John’s Church and the early high cross, Nurney Cross.
  2. St. John’s Church: Admire the beautiful architecture of the listed St. John’s Church, built in the 1780s by local landlord John Bruen, along with a historic schoolhouse.
  3. Nurney Cross: Explore the National Monument of Nurney Cross, a remarkable early example of a high cross located near St. John’s Church.
  4. Sports and Community: Experience the village’s sense of community and passion for sports through Nurney Villa, a local association football club competing in the Carlow Premier Division.
  5. Surrounding Attractions: Venture out from Nurney to discover the numerous attractions and natural beauty of County Carlow, including gardens, castles, and picturesque landscapes.


Nurney is easily accessible by car, with the nearest major airport, Dublin Airport, approximately 110 km away.

While accommodation options within the village may be limited, nearby towns offer a range of choices, from cozy bed and breakfasts to comfortable hotels. Immerse yourself in the history and charm of Nurney, County Carlow, for an unforgettable Irish experience.

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